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Problems with naturals wine corks::

We donīt have to forget that the wine cork is a natural product, and it is exposed to the enviromental contamination:

- The flavour of the wine change in each production.

- Foreing flavours in the wine (cork taint).

- Cork residues may fall into the wine (break or crumble).

- Breakage and spillage.


It was necessary to investigate about a solution for the problems of the natural wine corks.

The solution is the synthetic wine closure.


- Retains the natural wine flavour.

- Eliminates unwanted substances such as TCA (2, 4, 6, Tricloroanisol) .

- Seals the bottle properly.

- Free from any contamination (i.e. dust)

- Available in a broad range of colours that compliment a variety of packaging desings .

- Design and printing of food-contact inks fully compliant with FDA legislation.

- Can be inserted by existing bottling line equipment with no machine modifications.

- Can be easily extracted using traditional methods (i.e. cork screw).

- Can be reinserted in the bottle after being extracted.


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